Why plants change?


Age Group: 3-5 years

Theme/Topic: Changing World, Chancing me!

Curriculum Area: Art and Craft

Name of Activity:    Why plants change?

Previous Knowledge: Students continue to explore the changes of the earth and how these changes affect what they eat.

Materials: Scissors, glue, Bristol board,

Strands:    Aesthetic Expression, Wellness



Children will be given opportunities to:


Develop an increasing awareness that the creative expression of their peers should be valued through display of artwork.



Use materials and tools in a safe and responsible way during activity.



Create a life cycle of plants using various art materials, creativity, concentration Hand eye coordination as they engage in their craft.



  • Explain to students that they will be creating an art project of the cycle of a plant from a seed to an adult plant. Teacher will discuss what is a cycle and how this happens.
  • To engage students’ open-end questions will be asked e.g. How do plants grow? What do they need to grow?
  • A demonstration of the steps to complete their craft will be shown and what it looks like complete. Students will be given their materials to complete their art project of the plant’s life cycle (seed, seedling, plant, and plant with flower).
  • Students will display their complete artwork for parents and classmates to see.


ASSESSMENT: Teachers will observe students as they make their craft to see how well they follow instruction and materials handling.