Call it change!


Age Group: 3-5

Theme/Topic: Changing My World, Changing Me!

Curriculum Area: Art and Craft

Name of Activity:    Call it change!

Previous Knowledge: Students are continuing to explore the change in the world and how it affects the changes they experience.

Materials: Toilet paper roll, glue, Bristol board or cardboard, scissors, string

Strands:    Wellness, Effective Communication, Aesthetic Expression



Children will be given opportunities to:


Develop an increasing awareness that the creative expression of their peers should be valued through display of artwork.



Use materials and tools in a safe and responsible way during activity.



Create a telephone from long ago using various art materials, creativity, concentration hand-eye-coordination as they engage in their craft.



  • Explain to students that they will be learning about the change in technology and how it pertains to how telephones have changed over time. Teachers will show students different types of phones from the time it was invented to now. She will discuss how this change affects the earth and them as well (radiation, built up land fill of old cell phones).
  • Teacher will let students know that they will make their own landline telephone, she will demonstrate and show students how to complete their own telephone. Materials will be given for students to complete craft.
  • Students will display their telephone for the class to see and their parents.


ASSESSMENT:  Teacher will assess students by observing how they put the materials together to complete their work.