Human Resource Management Unit

The Human Resource Management (HRM) Unit is responsible for ensuring that the Division has the staff complement required for its effective functioning. The Unit therefore engages in the recruitment and selection of staff. Other related duties include: leave administration, performance appraisals and the processing of rewards and benefits. 

The HRM Unit comprises the following sections:

  • Primary and Secondary – which facilitates the recruitment and selection of teachers, processes leave, awards increments and makes submissions for retirement benefits.
  • Contract Administration – which is responsible for the recruitment of persons to be employed on contract as well as the management of the employment cycle of contract employees
  • Labour – which is responsible for the recruitment of daily-rated employees, the processing of leave, pay sheets, benefits (sick leave bonus and retirement) as well as the maintenance of employee records (kalamazoo records).
  • Employee Relations – which processes leave, the award of increments and submissions for retirement benefits for public officers. 




For HR Contracts: (868) 299-0781 ext. 3023, 3036, 3144

For HR Pri/Sec: (868) 299-0781 ext. 3035, 3038


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