Transportation Unit

The Transportation Unit facilitates the movement of staff members of the Division of Education, Research and Technology as well as equipment and other resources. It also provides transportation for the School for the Deaf, Language and Hearing Impaired, Happy Haven and Tobago Library Services. The Unit has a fleet of fifteen (15) vehicles, ranging from sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) to trucks and buses.

The Unit comprises twelve (12) drivers, supervised by a fleet manager. The staff strives to maintain professionalism, efficiency and quality in the services provided. 


a. To ensure that the transportation needs of the Division are met consistently and in a timely manner

b. To maintain the fleet of vehicles at the required standards outlined in the Transportation Act of Trinidad and Tobago


a. To facilitate the movement of all correspondence from the Division to schools, other Divisions and suppliers across Tobago 

b. To provide transportation services for Officers of the Division as well as personnel from Trinidad who visit to conduct official business

c. To provide daily transportation services for special needs students of Happy Haven and School for the Deaf, Language and Hearing Impaired

d. To provide transportation services for the administration of local, national and regional examinations in all primary and secondary schools

e. To facilitate the transportation of furniture, equipment and other resources to schools and other venues of events hosted by the Division

f. To provide transportation services for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), churches, youth groups and military personnel based on need and availability of the appropriate vehicle/s


Allister Beckles

Telephone Contact: (868) 299-0781 ext. 3135 

                                 (868) 280-9060 (mobile)

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