Information and Communication Technology Unit

The Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Unit manages the technological development of the Division. The Unit services all other Units of the Division, Tobago Library Services, all schools (ECCE, primary and secondary) and other stakeholders.


To collaborate with all Units and stakeholders of the Division to identify technological challenges and provide solutions for the re-engineering and automation of processes to realize greater efficiency.


The responsibilities of the ICT team are categorized into three (3) distinct functions namely:

      • Infrastructural and technical development and support
      • Application development, data analysis and end-user support
      • Payroll processing


      • To plan, organize and manage the development, operation and maintenance of the ICT resources and infrastructure of the Division
      • To develop and implement ICT policies aligned with the ICT Strategic Plan of the Division
      • To administer, deploy, support and maintain the network and telecommunication infrastructure and ICT equipment, inclusive of both hardware and software
      • To identify and analyse operational data to meet the information needs of stakeholders
      • To address the information needs of the Division
      • To design, develop and deliver software applications and ICT services to satisfy stakeholder needs
      • To provide training to key stakeholders on specified information systems


An IST Technician is assigned to each secondary school and the Scarborough Library facility. They are the first point of support for all ICT issues.

Technical support to ECCE and primary institutions is scheduled periodically. Should an issue arise however, the Technicians are on call.


For all technical support email:

For I.T Managerial support at the Division 

Mrs. Mauricia Edwards-Thomas


Telephone Contact: (868) 299-0781 ext. 3126/3045


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