Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Unit is a vital part of comprehensive school programme success. It offers prevention, intervention, transition and follow-up services for students and families. Direct Services are provided through education, counselling, consultation and individual assessment. Student Support Services professionals provide in-service training, parent education, community collaboration and carry out student service programme management.   


    •   School Psychologist
    •   Guidance Officers / Counsellors
    •   Special Education Teachers
    •   School Social Workers

In an effort to reduce the barriers to learning, the Unit provides the following services to students enrolled in ECCE centres, and primary and secondary schools:

    •   Guidance and Counselling
    •   Diagnostic/Prescriptive Services
    •   Social Work
    •   Special Education
    •   Behaviour Modification and Psychotherapy

The Unit also collaborates continuously with the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, the Ministry of National Security and the Children’s Authority, to identify and treat with situations of abuse, neglect or exploitation which are detected among children in the education system.

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