Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is the first phase of the seamless education system. The unit coordinates, develops and manages ECCE programmes that are developmentally appropriate, and promotes the holistic development of young children, thus laying the foundation for lifelong learning. There are twelve (12) Government and Government Assisted Centres, five (5) SERVOL Centres and thirty-seven (37) Private Centres. The twelve Government and Government Assisted Centres are under the direct purview of the THA/Division of Education, Research and Technology. These are divided into two clusters and supervised by two ECCE Managers.

East Cluster- Ms. Kathleen Rebecca Quashie

    • Speyside ECCE
    • Belle Garden ECCE
    • Mt. St. George ECCE
    • Moriah ECCE
    • Castara ECCE
    • Little Angels, Lanse Fourmi ECCE

West Cluster- Mrs. Loraine George-Edoo

    • Mt. Grace ECCE
    • Signal Hill ECCE
    • Montgomery ECCE
    • Carnbee/Mt. Pleasant ECCE
    • Buccoo ECCE
    • Plymouth/Bethesda ECCE

This Unit is responsible for- 

    • Planning, coordinating and directing the activities of ECCE schools in Tobago
    • Advising on the formulation of policy with regard to ECCE management
    • Ensuring that teaching staff in ECCE schools are professionally trained
    • Measuring, monitoring and evaluating the performance of students and schools
    • Setting quality assurance compliance objectives and ensuring that targets are achieved
    • Collecting and analyzing baseline data to inform planning

Contact Information
Early Childhood Care and Education Unit
Division of Education, Research and Technology
Dutch Fort Plaza
Dutch Fort
Telephone Number: 299-0781 ext.3058

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