ECCE: Science Activity


Look around your kitchen. Did you ever realize it’s a sensory playground for the developing brain? Whether it’s measuring ingredients while baking, noticing the changing temperatures of food while cooking, creating food structures, or exploring the different colors, textures and smells of different foods, many rich learning opportunities exist in the kitchen.

Who knew you could teach engineering basics with food, right in your kitchen! Try this activity that helps young children develop their art, science, engineering, and fine motor skills.

But first, head to the kitchen and grab these simple supplies:

  • Toothpicks
  • Peas (or beans or chickpeas, as pictured—whatever you have onhand!)
  • Paper plates

Download the Complete Activity!

Your child may be out of school right now. But, that’s no reason to overlook the incredible learning opportunities that exist beneath your own roof. Now is a great time to get creative! Find more fun activities to try in The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6.