School Supervision and Management Unit


School supervision in Trinidad and Tobago started in the 1850’s when a school inspection system was first established in the fledgling government-organized education system in the then British colonies. The establishment of school inspection, even then, implied a degree of decentralization of decision-making and an attempt to maintain standards and accountability in the school system. 

Essentially, the mandate of the inspection system was to ensure policy implementation regarding effective instructional practice and wholesome learning environments. The inspectorate thus became a critical link between the central education authorities and the school system. In the late 1950’s, for example, as the perspective changed from a more authoritarian one to a developmental one, the term ‘Inspector of Schools’ was replaced by ‘Education Officer’. Still later, towards the mid-1960’s, the name of the post again changed, this time being enshrined in the Education Act (1966) as ‘School Supervisor’. It continues into this century, virtually unchanged in its mandate, despite name changes and different administrative perspectives.

Under the jurisdiction of the Tobago House of Assembly, which is responsible for educational district of Tobago, the Unit, as part of the Division, has the major responsibility for ensuring school effectiveness in the education sector. The Unit is therefore, recognized as a key player in upholding the faithful implementation and institutionalization of all policies and initiatives set out by the Division and the Ministry of Education, aimed at reforming and strengthening the education system.

Composition of the Unit

The Unit is headed by the School Supervisor III who manages a small group of School Supervisors and other support staff.

School Supervisor III

Mrs. Sherry-Anne Rollocks-Hackett (Secondary schools)

Telephone contact: 868-295-9793

Email address:

  1. Bishop’s High School
  2. Goodwood Secondary School
  3. Harmon School of S.D.A
  4. Mason Hall Secondary School
  5. Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation High School
  6. Roxborough Secondary School
  7. Scarborough Secondary School
  8. Signal Hill Secondary School
  9. Speyside Secondary School

School Supervisor II

  • Bon Accord Government
  • Castara Government
  • Des Vignes Road Government
  • Hope Anglican
  • L’Anse Fourmi Methodist
  • Mason Hall Government
  • Moriah Government
  • North Regional S.D.A.
  • Parlatuvier Anglican
  • School for the Deaf, Speech and Language Impaired
  • Andrew’s Anglican
  • Nicholas Private
  • Patrick’s Anglican
  • Whim Anglican 

School Supervisor I

  • Belle Garden Anglican
  • Charlotteville Methodist
  • Delaford Anglican
  • Delaford Roman Catholic
  • Ebenezer Methodist
  • Goodwood Methodist
  • St. George Methodist
  • Pembroke Anglican
  • Pentecostal Light & Life Foundation
  • Roxborough Anglican
  • Scarborough Methodist
  • Speyside Anglican 

School Supervisor I

  • Bethesda Government
  • Black Rock Government
  • Buccoo Government
  • Golden Lane Government
  • Happy Heaven
  • Lambeau Anglican
  • Montgomery Government
  • Patience Hill Government
  • Plymouth Anglican
  • Scarborough Roman Catholic
  • Signal Hill Government
  • Tablepiece Government

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Managers

  • Kathleen Quashie
  • Loraine George-Edoo 

Sports in Education

  • Sports Officer I
  • Sports Officer II

School Safety Officers

  • School Safety Manager
  • School Safety Officers

Duties and Responsibilities of the Unit

a. To plan, coordinate, monitor and ensure the effective operations of all public schools within the educational district.

b. To superintend the efficient and effective administration of schools at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels.

c. To plan and coordinate training programmes for Supervisors, Principals and teachers.

d. To plan, coordinate and implement co-curricular programmes with external agencies.

e. To liaise with internal and external agencies/units to promote health, safety and security in schools.

f. To coordinate sporting programmes for schools.

g. To effectively manage crisis situations in schools.

h. To participate in a programme of disciplinary investigations and tribunals.

i. To represent the Chief Administrator/Administrator at recruitment and promotion interviews, including those at the Teaching Service Commission.

j. To facilitate the development, assessment, approval and supervision of School Development Plans (SDPs).

Duties and Responsibilities of School Supervisors

a. To ensure the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Division and the policies of the Ministry of Education.

b. To supervise and inspect the programme of education required by the curriculum.

c. To ensure that school premises, property and stock are protected against improper use.

d. To ensure the submission of reports on matters relating to the discipline of teachers.

e. To conduct and supervise courses of induction and training for untrained, in-service teachers as well as other teachers.

f. To ensure that there is adherence to the Education Act and Regulations pertaining to the conduct of schools.

g. To arrange for the approval of special leave to teachers that may be granted in accordance with the Regulations.

h. To arrange for the approval of school holidays that may be granted in accordance with Regulations.

i. To consider, assess and recommend the performance appraisal reports for all teaching staff, Vice Principals and Senior Teachers and to complete assessments of Principals.

j. To supervise the due performance of Managers/Principals.

k. To furnish such returns as may be prescribed or required at any time by the Minister/Secretary of Education.

l. To deal with all other matters of organization, management and administration as may be referred to him/her by the Minister/Secretary of Education e.g. transportation of students and the administration of book grants.

m. To co-operate with appropriate authorities in the execution of authorized programmes.

n. To arbitrate on issues concerning students.

o. To register of private schools.

p. To make recommendation to the Secretary of Education for the suspension and expulsion of students.

q. To ensure the attendance of children of compulsory age at school.

Duties and Responsibilities of ECCE Managers

a. To plan and coordinate the operations of ECCE services at the Division.

b. To advise on the formulation of strategic approaches with regard to ECCE.

c. To direct the examination and analysis of trends and projections in the field of ECCE for implementation at the Division.

d. To liaise with the Curriculum Coordinator for appropriate curriculum development.

e. To organize and assist in conducting training sessions for staff at the ECCE centres.

f. To liaise with other government ministries, agencies and staff within the Ministry of Education and the Division on matters related to ECCE development.

g. To work in conjunction with specialists and the Curriculum Coordinator to advise the Division on the acquisition of books and educational material and equipment for use at ECCE centres.

h. To meet with staff in the districts to coordinate activities related to the provision of ECCE services.

i. To serve on various committees, participate in meetings and submit reports thereon to the reporting officer.

j. To perform related work as may be required.

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