Please do not change it!


Age Group: 3-5

Theme/Topic: Changing My World, Changing me!

Curriculum Area: Social Studies

Name of Activity:    Please Do Not Change It!

Previous Knowledge: Students are now being introduced to this topic, as they continue to learn about the world around them.

Materials: computer, internet.

Strands:    Effective Communication, Citizenship,


Children will be given opportunities to:


Increase their understanding of how humans contribute to the negative changes of the earth and what they can do to decrease these types of changes through discussions.



Gain an awareness of the various ways in which they can contribute to these changes in the earth.



Exercise responsible habits to not contribute to the negative changes that are taking place.



Step 1. Begin by explaining to students that they will be discussing what role humans play in causing the naturalness of the earth to change.

Step 2. Open-end questions can be asked to engage students e.g. how they think they can contribute or is contributing to the change happening.

Step 3. Students will be shown a video on how they contribute to the change in the environment.  this video will be stopped to ask questions on information given to keep the children engaged and fully benefit from the video.


ASSESSMENT: Students can be assessed on the discussion about how they contribute to the change in the environment. E.g. how irresponsible actions of humans can change the world.


FOLLOW UP/EXTENSION: Discuss how climate change and disease affect the clothes we wear.