Research Unit

The Research Unit satisfies the decision-making and information needs of policymakers, administrators, educators and other stakeholders, by providing them with research-based data and information. The Unit is involved in all initiatives undertaken by the Division aimed at strengthening the planning, management and implementation capability, in its thrust for increased efficiency and effectiveness.


a. To develop and maintain a system of research and evaluation of the education sector using current information technology

b. To develop internal policies, structures and procedures for conducting research, sector-wide testing and evaluation and assessment practices

c. To determine the status and circumstances of education delivery in the school system

d. To monitor and evaluate the quality of programmes at all levels of the school system

e. To promote a culture of research and evaluation throughout the education system

f. To source and generate quality information required for critical decision-making by administrators, teachers, parents and other stakeholders

g. To develop, implement and maintain systems for continuous assessment of student performance at all levels of the education system

h. To disseminate publications and reports in a timely manner

i. To provide advice and assistance to other Units of the DERT regarding development of internal policies, structures and procedures for conducting research and evaluation

j. To collaborate with other local, regional and international institutions and agencies which engage in educational research

k. To source strategic partners for conducting research and evaluation

l. To monitor projects undertaken by and/or on behalf of the Division

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