Can You Sense The Change In Me?


Age Group:   3 & 4-year-old.

Theme/Topic: Changing My World, Changing Me!

Curriculum Area: Science and Discovery

Name of Activity:  Can You Sense the Change in Me?


Previous Knowledge: Children are familiar with their body parts

Materials: Soap, toothbrush, water, powder, perfume, clothes, mirror, comb/brush, hair-grooming products (oil)

Strands: Effective Communication, Intellectual Empowerment, Citizenship


Children will be given opportunities to:


Use their problem-solving skills to discuss ways by which they may take responsibility for their personal hygiene and describe the sense organs that are used for seeing and smelling


Value their bodies and be willing to ensure that they maintain personal hygiene so that they do not offend others. Practice good social behaviours that would promote harmony.


Practice how to keep personal hygiene intact


Step 1: Let children join in doing actions as the sing:

This is the way I bathe my skin, bathe my skin, bathe my skin,

this is the way I bathe my each and every day.

This is the way I brush my teeth, brush my teeth, brush my teeth,

this is the way I brush my teeth each and every day.

(other body parts could be added: Hands, face, comb/brush my hair etc)

Step 2: Ask children to discuss why we should bathe, brush our teeth and take care of our bodies?

Step 3: Question children’s knowledge about the virus (Corona/COVID-19). Why were/or are schools close and children have to ‘go to school’ online? What change took place to cause this move? (Listen well to children’s responses, probe for more discussion as seems necessary)

Step 4: Let children know that sickness and diseases can affect our bodies when we do not care for our bodies and surroundings appropriately. Corona is a virus that we could catch by talking to people who has the disease. The virus enters our bodies and makes us sick. All over the news they tell us to wash our hands, bathe our skin and not to talk to people very close into their faces. Also, we have to wash our clothes and our hair, even to our shoes!

Step 4: Ask: If we do not bathe or brush our teeth, what do you think would happen?

Step 5: Ask children: If we smell offensive, do think persons will be please to play and talk to us?  So, let’s bathe, and brush our teeth, wash our hair, then wash our clothes, (have children pretend to do these activities).

Step 6: Give clothes and let them pretend to get dressed and spray perfume on. Rub with lotion or body oil. Give them some powder to put on, but first have them smell the perfume, powder and the bath soap and let them say how these smell (here you could ask them what body part is used for smelling).

Step 7: Ask: What do you use to see with? Now show them the mirror for them to see how they look, Awesome!

ASSESSMENT: Place in front of children soap, water toothpaste, toothbrush, change of clothes, perfume, lotion, salt, book, pencils, crayons, hand sanitizer, bag or other safe household materials. Have children select from the list, the things that they need to keep their bodies clean