Shape Me Out


Age Group: 4 + students

Theme/Topic: Changing World, Changing Me

Curriculum Area: Mathematics and Creative Arts

Name of Activity:    Shape Me Out

Previous Knowledge: The students can identify various shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle, pentagon, hexagon.

Materials: Youtube videos; computer/tablet/phone; small box/plastic bag; 3’ cutout shapes – hexagon, oval, squares; shredded paper/ stripes of paper; worksheet #1; worksheet #2; glue; rubber band; plasticine; craft sticks.

Strands:    Intellectual Empowerment, Wellness, Aesthetic Expression


Children will be given opportunities to:

Cognitive:  observe and visualize how shapes can change to make other shapes by taking certain actions.


Affective:  participate in learning activity by listening activity, following instructions to change the shapes, making comments, responding to questions appropriately and enjoying the activity.


Psychomotor:   develop gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by using their fingers and hands to pull rubber bands, to stretch rubber bands, to roll plasticine, to pick up craft sticks and push them into the plasticine to see how shapes change from one to another.


  1. The teacher will get the two videos from on youtube and put them on pause for awaiting the beginning of the lessons  –

  1. The teacher will use Bristol board and cut out 5 inches shapes –  circles, triangle, square, heart, rectangle, hexagon.
  2. The teacher will get a small box with many small shredded paper or stripes of paper and put the objects (a small ball, a book, a phone, and more items) into a box and mix them up.
  3. The teacher will take out various colours of plasticine from the pack and place them on the table.
  4. The teacher will cut several craft sticks into three pieces each and place them on the table next to the plasticine.
  5. The teacher will prepare worksheet with a drawing of a truck divided into small shapes as squares, hexagons and ovals from Bristol board or construction paper to fit into the shapes on the drawing to make the truck (for example, please look at diagram labelled worksheet #1).
  6. The teacher will prepare another follow up worksheet with a drawing of flowers to play the “roll and over” game as shown in the diagram labelled as worksheet # 2).


  1. The teacher will show the students two videos of a shape song.  She will ask the students what shapes they saw in the videos.
  2. The teacher will tell the students that she has a nice guessing game for them to play.
  3. The teacher will explain to the students about the guessing game – their eyes must remain closed and they put their hand into the box and put out an object, feel it and tell what shape it has.  This is done until all the objects in the box is finished – just about four or five objects.
  4. The teacher will hold up the Bristol board circle and ask the students if they think this shape can change.
  5. The teacher will hold up a rubber band and ask the students what it is.  She will then place a rubber band on the table in front of each student.


ASSESSMENT:  The teacher will give the students a worksheet with the drawing of a truck, small shapes (hexagons, squares, ovals) and glue.  She will instruct them to make the truck using the diagram of the truck and the shapes they are given.



  1. Roll and over game – this game is very similar to the worksheet assessment given however in this game a dice is rolled and the number the dice shows the student will cover a part on the worksheet with that number.
  2. Change Me Up – this is another lesson activity where students will learn about how numbers change as they increase by one.
  3. Drawing Art – students can follow videos on YouTube on how to use shapes to make complete drawings of objects.