Name that Landform


Age Group:   3 & 4-year-old.

Theme/Topic: Changing My World, Changing Me!

Curriculum Area: Language and Literacy

Name of Activity: Name that Landform

Previous Knowledge: Children are familiar with water and land, but will now learn of the word ‘landform’

Materials: Alphabet chart, phone/Tablet; computer keyboard; cut green paper (cut very small to resemble grass), clear plastic bag (this is to represent the water), flour-doh mixed with brown food colouring to make it look like mud; or brown playdoh and glue

Strands: Effective Communication, Intellectual Empowerment, and Citizenship


Children will be given opportunities to:


Discover what landforms are and develop their vocabulary (lake, lagoon) and phonetic skills. Also, they will learn how to discuss similar and differences using their critical thinking skills.


Show willingness to learn the new concept by participating in the lesson and respond to questions appropriately in the activity, and make choices.


Demonstrate their understanding by colouring or making a lake/lagoon.



Step 1: Show children pictures of a lake and a lagoon and ask them to identify each.

Step 2: Show children a short video clip here then discuss what they have seen.

Step 3: What beginning sound do you hear when you say the word ‘landform’?

Step 4: Sing:

Do you know your letter sounds, we can show you how?

What letter shall we learn? Let’s find out now. Let’s learn about the letter l

This is the capital L, this is the lowercase l,

Now you know that the letter looks like, let’s make the letter l sound

l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l letter Ll!

(find the l song here:

Step 4: Today you will learn about landforms that has the letter l. Can you think of a landform with the letter l?

Step 5: Show children again the pictures of the lake and lagoon that was shown to them at the beginning and now have them try to tell about the pictures in their own words.

Step 6: Explain to them what a lagoon and what is a lake. Have them talk about the similarities and differences of the two.

A lagoon is a shallow body of water that is located alongside a coast.

A lake is a large body of water surrounded by land on all sides. Really huge lakes are often called seas.

Step 7: Do you know where in Tobago we could find a lagoon? Tobago has a lagoon in Bon Accord? You could take a Crown Point bus or taxi that will take you to  the Bon Accord Lagoon

In Trinidad there are lakes: La Brea lake and the Pitch Lake. (Here children could) be shown videos of the lakes and lagoon in their own country)

Step 8:  Go on a virtual trip to these places with children.

Step 9: Give children materials: Green paper, clear plastic bag, flour-dough; or brown playdough and glue. Have them choose which of the two landforms they prefer to make. Then have them make the landform with the letter l.

ASSESSMENT: Say the sound for lagoon and lake. Also, they would be asked to point/touch the letter l on the alphabet chart or on the phone or computer keyboard.