Walter Filter Here We Go!


Age Group:   3 & 4-year-old.

Theme/Topic: Changing My World, Changing Me!

Curriculum Area: Science and Discovery

Name of Activity: Water Filter Here We Go!

Previous Knowledge: Children are familiar with water

Materials: Stones, sand, charcoal, two containers with lid, water, Coca-Cola bottle, piece of newspaper,

Strands: Effective Communication, Intellectual Empowerment, and Citizenship


Children will be given opportunities to:


Develop their intellect and critical thinking skills by discussing and observing how water changes from unclean to clean through filtration.


Show positive attitude and appreciation for WASA Workers by listening to what they do to make our water pure and safe for household use. Show interest during the activity as they participate in the activity. Respond to questions


Develop their fine muscles strength as they experiment in making a simple water filter. They will further develop hand-eye coordination as they engage in this activity.


Step 1: Have two containers of water. Begin by placing some colouring in one of the containers to make it appear dirty. Ask children to tell what they are observing. Continue discussion by asking children to tell what they know about water.

Step 2: Show children the water pollution video located here

Step 3: Tell children that water is the most important resource of life and without no living thing may survive. Have children list all the things they need water for (Drinking, bathing, brushing teeth, flushing toilet, washing clothes and dishes etc)

Step 4: Ask children to say the name of the agency in Trinidad and Tobago that is responsible for making their water clean for them to drink, bathe, brush their teeth etc. Tell children about WASA:

WASA means: Water and Sewage Authority. The workers at WASA are responsible for ensuring that we all have clean and safe water to use in our homes, schools where you’re your mom and dad to use at work. Without WASA there will be no company or agency to keep our water safe.  (children’s language and intellect will develop as they begin to use new words: Agency, company, responsible…). Show children this video here then discuss how WASA purifies our water to make it safe by filtering it

Step 4: Have children repeat the letter sound for W water.

Step 5: Ask children what they think of the ‘dirty’ water in the container?

Step 6: Give children materials to experiment in making a simple water filter to purify the water. Cut the bottom off of the Coca-Cola bottle. Grind charcoal to powder, place in this order in the bottle: Ground charcoal, sand and stone. Put a hole in the center of the containers that are the size of the bottle. Glue the two containers together then place the bottle into them. Next fill the containers with water and observe. (See video demonstration here

ASSESSMENT: Observation and questioning: Where does water come from? Who is responsible for purifying our water system? How can we make our water clean and safe to use? What is the name for cleaning water?