Parts of the Body

Science- Infant 1


Subject: Science
Level: Infant 1
Strand: Individual and Groups
Topic: Observable body parts.
Key Points:
 Body parts help us with all our daily activities.
 We can see some body parts.
 Observable parts of the body each have important uses as shown in
the table below.

Function of the parts:
Body Parts Function Body Parts Function
Eyes To see Elbows To bend the arm
Ears To hear Hands To hold items
Mouth To eat and talk Fingers To grasp items
Nose To smell Knees To bend the leg
Arms To lift Feet To walk, jump, run

Activity 1:
Click the video link below and participate in the activity (Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes –
Exercise Song For Kids).

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Infant One- Science – Parts of the body

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