Learning Styles

Helpful Tips
Learning Styles What’s your style?   Definition: It is the way you or your brain prefers to absorb, process, understand and retain (remember) information. The way you prefer to learn.   VISUAL LEARNERS (65% of Population):  About this style
  • They like written information, notes, diagrams, pictures, and videos
  • like to take notes from the board
  • great at written communication and symbol manipulation
  • use charts, maps, notes, make drawings, flashcards, YouTube videos, pictures, posters
  • visualize or picture words / concepts in their heads
  • write down everything for quick visual review
    AUDITORY LEARNERS (30% of Population):  About this style-
  • relate most effectively to the spoken word
  • listen to lectures & take notes or handouts afterwards
  • great at public speakers
  • may become lawyers or politicians
  • read written information, assignments or notes out loud
  • voice record notes on phone, laptop or tablet and listen to it constantly
  • voice record teaching sessions (if permitted)
  • sit in front of the classroom so you can hear well
  • have a friend or family read the notes to you
  • discuss information with friends or study group
  • listen to YouTube videos
  • put a beat or music to notes
  TACTILE LEARNERS (5% of Population):  About this style-
  • learn best through touch, movement & space
  • learn skills by imitation & practice
  • may work slowly because information is normally not presented in their learning style
  • typing notes, walking around & studying
  • exercise and study, play with objects while studying or during learning periods
  • role playing different situations
  • doing practical assignments
  • tap a rhythm or beat to notes
  • bounce a ball or skip while studying
Not sure what’s your style? See your School Guidance Counsellor/Officer for help.