Ms. Oshun Oya Trim

Actress, Captain of Drama in Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Arts Film Production and Film Studies

“Feel the fear; do it anyway.”

Growing up as the last child of my household, I have always dreamt about being a multi-talented and versatile actress. My entire life has been a production where I, of course, am the main character. As such, I decided to study Film Production at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine. After my long, enjoyable and at times challenging tenure I was successfully awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Film Studies, 2022. An entire double major: I entered with one thing, and I left with my cup running over.

Motivated by a desire to do something different, my choice to study Film rather than Theatre full-time was an interesting one, not only for myself, but also for my family and friends. I did not only want to act but be able to create the masterpieces visually as well. My goal is to impact the minds of the youths struggling to understand and identify what they would like to do. At the time, the only Tobagonian that was studying film was Mr. Jared Prima, a great mentor and creative alike. His experiences and processes also inspired and motivated me to actually pursue the degree.

However, excited and elated to commence a new journey in my life, I needed academic funding. Pleasantly surprised, I was introduced to the Department of Advanced Training and Advisory Services (DATAS). The application process was not very rigorous, and I was guided by my family.

Through this process, I was a successful candidate and recipient. The support was endless at DATAS with the likes of Ms. Kahea Wilson and many others. I was not stressed and bombarded by financial issues as I was able to meet my financial obligations while at University, thanks to the Bursary Award from DATAS.

My family and I worked on a financial plan to pay for my tertiary education, including personal savings, family contributions, and student loan repayments. It was clear that DATAS would be crucial to my success even with all that financial preparation.

Before the world of Film and DATAS, my life had been quite the ride. Attending St. Nicholas Private School to obtaining secondary education at the prestigious Bishop’s High School was nothing short of an amazing life lesson. I stamped my name in the halls of each institution with my wit, intelligence, and creativity. My alma-maters moulded me into the woman that I am today: fierce, passionate, and benevolent.

I am the proud product of all that and more, consistently taking up space and charting the course. Today, I am an employee of the Tobago Performing Arts Company (TPAC) that uses the Performing Arts to develop the creative and cultural industry in Tobago. I am privileged to say that this institution created a space for me and many others alike to thrive and use our God-given skills to the development of our island.

While finishing my degree, I was able to apply and attain the position of Resident Actor, that utilizes my skills in acting and film production which I have studied. Ever since, I have been the Captain of the Drama and Theatre Unit, member of the Speech Band, Playback and Storytelling team. I am trained in numerous skills to develop and enhance my own craft and so much more. Under the leadership of Mr. Elvis Radgman, we the employees thrive always for greatness. Nevertheless, one of the most satisfying aspects of my work is being a stalwart of this cause and one of many. If I could do it all over again, I would. It has always been my belief that what is best for you is best for you. “Never chase but attract.” 

And I, Oshun Trim am a firm believer of “My time, My Place.” As I am living in my purpose and destiny.

But before I resume my everyday life, here are some tips and tricks that really helped me along the way.

  1. You know when you know- studying something out of the ordinary is not outlandish.
  2. Feel the fear and do it anyways.
  3. Remember your grades matter.
  4. Network! Network! Network! – Life is a cycle you will definitely meet the ones you leave at graduation again.
  5. If you CAN do it today, never put it off for tomorrow- DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.
  6. A support system is IMPERATIVE- Please get one- They pull you up and out.
  7. Lastly, trust and believe in God. He is REAL and he WORKS.

I must extend my heartfelt gratitude to God for taking me through it all, my family for the endless support, advice, and wisdom along the way. My friends and loved ones- those that I went with, met there, and created for myself- your contributions do not go unnoticed. To my faculty and the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, thank you. Last but not least, DATAS, I could not have done it without you.

I have felt the fear and did it anyway!