Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Scarborough Secondary School

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Motto: Committed to Excellence 


Welcome back to school in this new online environment. The Division of Education, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Education are currently working hard to remove the deficiencies in resources experienced by students and teachers. We look forward to your cooperation and continued support as we strive to be committed to excellence.

Whats New?

We would like to inform you that, in an effort to improve our online curriculum delivery at Scarborough Secondary, we have organized structured timetables for all students of Forms 1-6. This will allow for continuous learning online without clashes. These structured classes began on Monday 4th May and form teachers provided you with your child's timetable. You are asked to ensure that your child follow this timetable so they do not miss a single class. Please note Orientation is scheduled for the 16th of October, 2020 for two groups:

-9AM: Form 1 (Callender & Sebro)

-11AM: Form 1 ( Sosa & Warner)

Please see the "Classes" tab above and select Form 1 to view  class listings.


We know that it is a new and stressful situation for both parents and students especially with respect to education. Many of our dedicated teachers have already volunteered their time and resources to reach out to their charges and are conducting classes in a variety of ways. Parents, you can view the SEA Preregistration Link here: https://bit.ly/SSS_SEA_Preregistration

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See our List of Teachers: 

Mrs C Sylvester-OttleyLanguage 
Mrs K King-HolderLanguage 
Mrs R Phillip-SylvesterLanguage 
Mrs J Clarke-Simpson RichardLanguage (HOD)
Mrs J Thomas-De GannesLanguage 
Mrs J George-BerkeleyLanguage 
Mrs B Charles-OttleyLanguage 
Ms K KentLanguage 
Mr A EwingLanguage 
Mrs S Bristol-CharlesLanguage 
Mrs S Coggins-DukeLanguage 
Ms B JackBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mr C CharlesBusiness/Modern Studies 
Ms J MelvilleBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mr P SookhaiBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mrs T Thomas-MitchellBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mrs T StephenBusiness/Modern Studies (HOD)
Mrs L Paul-PerryBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mrs C Celestine-NeddBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mrs I Crichlow-ElliottBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mrs J GrahamBusiness/Modern Studies 
Ms N Cupid-GeorgeBusiness/Modern Studies 
Mrs S MappBusiness/Modern Studies 
Ms T LeanderBusiness/Modern Studies 
Ms T SmartMoral Education 
Ms A DavidsonScience
Mrs C Hector-TrimScience
Ms L BakerScience
Mrs M Thompson-WilliamsScience
Mrs N Williams-WilsonScience (HOD AG)
Ms N TrimScience
Mrs R Moses-PetersScience
Ms S JamesScience
Mr S BishopScience
Mr B BurrisScience
Mrs Y Blackwell-SmithScience /Mathematics (HOD AG)
Ms A WilliamsMathematics 
Ms C RajkumarMathematics 
Mrs C CampbellMathematics 
Mr D LyonsMathematics 
Ms D WilsonMathematics 
Mr O MartinMathematics 
Ms P WilliamsMathematics 
Ms T AlleyneMathematics 
Mr D PascallTechnical Vocation 
Mr D JosephTechnical Vocation 
Mr J BelfastTechnical Vocation 
Ms J CharlesTechnical Vocation 
Mr K BaptisteTechnical Vocation 
Mrs L FrancoisTechnical Vocation 
Ms M PhillipTechnical Vocation 
Mrs P Elliott-PetersTechnical Vocation (HOD)
Mrs S Trim-PaulTechnical Vocation 
Mr T MosesTechnical Vocation 
Ms D QuashieVAPA
Ms J CrouchVAPA
Mr L LewisVAPA
Ms M MarfanVAPA
Mrs O Gordon-HolderVAPA
Ms R Reid-GuillandVAPA (HOD)
Ms A HislopGudance Officer 

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Address: 26-34 Old Government Farm Road, Shaw Park, Scarborough 900108, Tobago

Principal: Ms. Althea Alexander

Vice Principal: Ms. Ann Marie Davis

Email: scarborough.sec@fac.edu.tt

Contact: 639-2467/4093

Fax: 639-2467