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So, you are asked to stay at home with your children and it has now become your responsibility to teach and entertain your children while getting your secular and home chore done. Well below are some ideas as well as websites one can get ideas of some fun ways to get this task done.

  1. Your family’s schedule should include physical activity.
  2. Limit your family’s exposure to news.
  3. Use technology for social interaction.

How Parents Can Keep Children Busy (and Learning) in Quarantine

For preschool-age Children and younger children

  1. Find time throughout the day to read books with your children
  2. Take walks outside (to whatever extent possible) and talking about whatever catches children’s attention, as an exercise in language skills
  3. Set children up with Play-Doh, art supplies, audiobooks, or even homemade recordings of their parents reading their favourite books

For older (and responsible) Children

  1. Certain kinds of independent play can substitute for structured school learning.
  2. Sending kids who are learning math basics on a mission around the house or the building to count all the windows
  3. Parents working from home the challenge of keeping the children independently occupied so that they themselves can work.
  4. For daily duties that must happen anyway, such as cooking, enlist (slightly older) children to help.

Other fun things

  1. Make a cardboard fort
  2. Set up treasure hunt
  3. Bake or have fun in the kitchen (bake a cake, make sucker bags, make punches, make chow just to name a few) Don’t expense yourself just use what you have
  4. You can’t go out visit a museum online
  5. For some extra entertainment view the Ministry of Community Development Culture and the arts pod cast Live at Lunch. (
  6. Have online play dates
  7. Create your own home garden

For More Fun Ideas Visit

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